If you are trapped paying a high rate of interest on your mortgage and are unable to re-mortgage, you may be entitled to join the claim. Register your application to join the claim here.
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We act for thousands of homeowners who have (or have had) mortgages with lenders which do not offer competitive mortgage products and who have been trapped paying high rates of interest on their mortgages. Many of these homeowners will have originally taken out their mortgages with Northern Rock or Bradford & Bingley.

Following the uncertainty caused by the global financial crisis in 2007 and 2008, some lenders stopped offering new introductory rates to their existing customers or stopped actively competing in the mortgage market for new customers. They became ‘inactive’ lenders.

Borrowers with inactive lenders, do not have the opportunity to re-mortgage with their existing lender and are often unable to re-mortgage with other providers as they do not meet the stricter affordability rules introduced in 2014 following the global financial crisis.



Borrowers who are unable to re-mortgage have no choice but to pay the high rates set by their lender or face losing their home. They are known as ‘Mortgage Prisoners’. There were, and are, hundreds of thousands of Mortgage Prisoners in the UK.

The FCA has introduced new rules enabling lenders to undertake modified affordability assessments for eligible borrowers, which would make it easier for some Mortgage Prisoners to switch. However, the rules are not mandatory and not applicable to all borrowers. Uptake of the rules has been minimal.

If you are trapped paying a high rate of interest and are unable to remortgage, you may be entitled to compensation.

The scandal in numbers


Approximate value of loans sold by the government to private equity giant Cerberus Capital Management


The estimated number of Mortgage Prisoners in the UK


The amount by which some borrowers may have overpaid on their mortgage


Number of borrowers up to date with their payments who are still unable to remortgage


You may be eligible to join the claim if you have a residential mortgage (or previously had a residential mortgage) serviced by one of the following:

  1. Bradford & Bingley
  2. Engage Credit
  3. Heliodor Mortgages
  4. Landmark Mortgages
  5. NRAM
  6. Mortgage Agency Services Number Five
  7. Mortgage Express
  8. Rosolite Mortgages
  9. The Mortgage Business
  10. UCB Home Loans
  11. Whistletree


  • you either have not redeemed your mortgage or did not redeem your mortgage more than six years ago.

Alternatively, you can also sign up if your mortgage was a Northern Rock ‘Together’ mortgage product, consisting of both a mortgage and a linked unsecured personal loan, and

  • you redeemed the mortgage more than six years ago; but
  • you did not redeem the linked unsecured personal loan more than six years ago.

Harcus Parker will act on a no-win, no-fee basis, and will pay any third-party costs necessary to progress the claims to trial.

It is important that you stay up to date with your mortgage repayments. You should not expect your financial difficulties to be solved by the claim. You must continue to manage your debt carefully, and with proper advice. Organisations like Mind, Step Change and Citizens Advice may be able to help.

Have you been affected? Are you eligible to claim?